Boots control will defeat warm beautiful boots

Ben Wang, Oct. 18 hearing, is a surprise for a pair of boots. The super simple design has a sense of art. Leopard is no longer just a wild representative. It is a bit warm, and Ma Chao's ultra-feeling touch has once again conquered every favorite. People. · The wild king of sandals is it -----

Costume giants move into e-commerce

Beijing Entertainment News (Reporter Wang Meng) The clothing giant began to target e-commerce and hit the sales campaign online, including many traditional clothing companies. The reporter learned yesterday that brands including Bosideng, Xuezhongfei, Yalu, and Lanao all opened flagship st-----

Lianu Assemble / Esclave create romantic autumn style

Assemble / Esclave originated in French, meaning Heiner Sea, a symbol of people-oriented art of life, popular fashion due to popular life, but also higher than the public life. T / L to his genius design ideas through the feminine movement of the body with a line showing the changes, their dress to-----

Price negotiation skills - counter-offer

â—Ž Bargaining must be flexible In price negotiations, bargaining should be flexible. For procurement personnel, do not avoid bargaining, price repayment; do not start out the lowest price. The former people feel that they are "robberies in broad daylight," while the latter a-----

2011 Men Fashion Trends French High Fashion Brand Lanvi…

Lanvin is the oldest high fashion brand in France. It was founded in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin. Today, it has become a watchmaker of the French high fashion industry, leading trends in fashion, perfume, and accessories. Lanvin has never blindly adopted the popular, simple and graceful tailoring and pro-----

Doll girls underwear to ensure the healthy development

Doll girls underwear positioning clear, well-designed, more different from the simple mature adult lingerie, charming and sexy, suitable for adolescent girls of all ages and personal differences in personality, as other products can not be replaced. As the world's leading professional girl und-----

VOLL Womens 2010 Winter New Kim Hee-Sun shot wonderful …

VOLL ladies positioning mature and elegant, by the South Korean gold star Kim Hee Sun for the shooting of the 2010 Winter New Illustrated. The style and characteristics of clothing are often first and foremost through the visual fantasy of color, reasonable and harmonious color combinations often b-----