Zhang Xiaolu has a short novel titled “Who took the snow boots” and describes the love stories caused by snow boots. In the first snow in 2006, Sun Xiaoya went out for a lovely snowshoe and waited for the story. As a result, 50 pairs of different types of snow boots have caused me to throw the story behind my neck.

Snow boots do not equal snow shoes

Fashion people, not only taboo "Zhuangshan", even "hit shoes" can not! Nowadays, many white-collar workers are more interested in buying shoes in fashionable and professional shoe stores on the streets and lanes. Sun Xiaoya found a new cultural shoe shop in the opposite side of Lilac Garden under the tiled roof. It had introduced more than 200 first-line shoes. It was already dazzling, and 50 pairs of brand new fashion snow boots added. A lot of festive atmosphere, because Sun Xiaoya arrived in the snow, that feeling became stronger.

Although it is a warm winter season, there are still many snow boots on the market that are extremely cold, and the style is very diversified. In addition to our common, tough-looking styles, there are also some colorful designs and simple high-cut styles that show a lively lady. When wearing these high-heeled snow boots, the most common one is to put the trousers in the boot. You can easily highlight the details of the snow boots design and lines.

Snow boots for walking or skiing on the snow generally have three functions. The first is a highly warming effect, which can effectively block the cold air and protect the feet. Followed by waterproof, especially when melting snow, to prevent the cold snow from seeping into the shoes. Finally, it is non-slip. The soles of snow boots must have a strong grip to allow you to walk on snow, and snow shoes can not have these functions.

Work boots fashion evolution

The 50 pairs of fashionable snow boots coming in this store have a special translation called "Kick is not bad". It is actually a brand of waterproof boots that have been hot sale. It may be because this boots is too pully in the international market. It is also famous. In fact, such strong boots, and LEE cowboys have many similar places, once built for the workers, strong, wear-resistant, waterproof, in short, more practical is their purpose. With the evolution of the times, practical use of fashion elements will be favored by young people. Those who like to read magazines are not afraid to find celebrities admired and loved by them.

During the production process, the double-layer pure leather is first immersed in a special waterproof wax for a long time, and then the master models the leather from bottom to top into a shoe shape according to the model, and then manually wears the non-slip raw rubber sole and the boots-shaped leather by hand. The seams are sewn together, and waterproof glue is applied at the seams so that the laces will not wear and tear, and the shoelaces holes will be rust-proof and salt-resistant. The entire pair of shoes will not be afraid to enter the water when immersed in the water. The shop owner also uses a snow boots on the spot to demonstrate. It's water-repellent, the water drops naturally, and the upper will not leave wet stains. The American design makes people feel the pioneer spirit of the western United States. When you wear good-looking and thick shoes, and then wear comfortable clothes, will a strong coffee-tone Western pioneer spirit make you immediately infect the whole body?

Popular exploration of military boots

Snow boots MERRELL snow boots are definitely designed for the snow, not only comfortable to wear warm, snowflake shape of the soles of the non-slip pattern, revealed its original intention. It is said that this snow boots inspired by Eskimo clothing are particularly popular with European and American stars this winter. It has always been the topic of the Queen's sweet Brianne. According to the shop owner, MERRELL has been a provider of US soldier boots. After joining the fashion elements, he advocated the American new outdoorism of the 1980s and joined Thinsulate's new technology.

Snow boots in addition to warm and non-slip effects, there are many changes in the style, so that you wear to add more personality. In addition to traditional styles of military boots and work boots, the addition of more traditional embroidery, the embellishment of rabbit hair and artificial hair is even more refreshing. There are several pairs of other big shoes such as LV, GUCCI, PRADA, AMARNI, MIUMIU, D&G, TOD'S, etc. in the recent "Ruili" magazine.

Sellers say:

The biggest advantage of the fashion shoe shop is that the style is good and the price is fair. This is a kind of dual-competitiveness, and losing either party will not work. In fact, many fashion shoe stores have their own customers. They will visit the store on a regular basis and buy it if they like. A white-collar who often buys several pairs of shoes at a fashion shoe shop once said that shoes are no longer a necessities of life but that they like to buy them. Different shoes can be used with different clothes, and they can also reflect their identity and satisfy their fantasies. She also greatly praised the boss of the fashion shoe shop where she often buys shoes. “Fashion is a sneak peek.”

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