You can do business with Russians!

In the process of communication, Russians have many taboos formed by traditional habits, and special attention should be paid.

1. When you meet and shake hands, avoid forming a cross.

2. Russia has the traditional saying of "left main murder, right main ji". Therefore, it is forbidden to extend the left hand to the other party, whether it is shaking hands or repaying the goods.

3. When the elderly, women, and superiors should not take the initiative, they must wait for each other. Keep your face smiling. If your face is frosty and has no expression, the other person will be treated as a cold expression.

4. When calling a woman, don't use the word "mother", which will cause the other person's unhappiness. Have a job title, or give the opportunity to introduce to the other party, the waiter acts.

5. Avoid pointing with your fingers, no matter what it is, Russians think this is a great insult to people. In front of people, you can't hold your hand into a fist. The big thumb extends between the index finger and the middle finger. In Russian, this gesture is called "Gukish", which is a rude behavior that despises ridicule. The gestures commonly used by Americans - using the thumb and forefinger to form an "O" shape, the other three fingers straight (OK), in Russia is an indecent expression.

6. It is forbidden to use the shoulders to collide with each other in the interaction. This kind of behavior generally only occurs between friends who make friends. Otherwise, physical collision is extremely rude behavior.

7. Avoid using the word "you should" in conversations. Russians have always respected their opinions and disliked others to give orders.

8. Can't say "you are blessed" and the like. Friends do not reunite for a long time, when greetings, you must not talk about fat and thin. The Russians feel that this is describing their bloated and ugly.

9. Say hello to ask: "Where are you going?" This is not a courtesy greeting. For Russians, this is inquiring about the privacy of others.

10. Let the cigarette not be given a single, you have to hand the whole box. When you smoke, you should avoid drawing a match or use a lighter to ignite three people at the same time. You can't take someone's cigarette to suck.

11. When men and women are socializing, when they leave, men must wear coats and open doors for women. Let women go ahead and not open their own doors.

12. Gifts are not allowed to send two items - knife and handcuffs. In Russia, the knife means that the relationship is broken or there will be fights and disputes with each other; the handcuffs symbolize the parting.

13. Don't persuade or deliberately drink alcohol when you are thirsty. The Russians are very greedy, and the drunkards are despised, and deliberately inducing others to be drunk is resentful and disgusting.

14. You must not say goodbye on the bridge or under the bridge. Such a farewell means leaving forever.

15. You cannot kick a dog or other animal with your foot. Going out to meet the road dog, you have to talk to drive it away. Russian dogs can understand the instructions, while kicking is a taboo.

In fact, everyone should respect each other's cultural practices. Etiquette is two-way, not one-way!

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