"Little Zhou Libo" transfiguration Green Box Varied princess of people show grass roots star highlights the commercial value

Recently, the first quarter of China reached a show runner-up, a small "Zhou Libo" Zhang Feng Xi star appeared in a green box children's clothing ads, began in all Shanghai subway station and office intensive broadcast. While paying attention to creating a brand of green box children's clothing that Zhang Fengxi interprets the ever-changing image, the commercial value of the show's root star has also begun to attract attention. The interpretation of Zhang Fengxi a focus on children's clothing, the Internet has a very popular children's wear brand green box, a hundred children really shape her clothing points a lot. The same year last year show outstanding players, singer Cai Xiu is also common in Shanghai, the size of the brand conference. With the second China Daren show closing in Shanghai, a group of grassroots dancers Zhuojun, Cauliflower and other players from the grassroots also stand out in the finals, with superb talent and popularity to become a new generation of popular grassroots stars . In this year's CCTV Spring Festival Evening, grassroots culture was interpreted to the extreme, sun masculine, Xidan girls, Shenzhen Migrant Street Dance Company and others have embarked on this most mainstream stage, walk the public before the public. Since then, commercial news about these grassroots stars is pouring in. In foreign countries, Aunt Susan has gone through the world this year, but also reached the stage of China's talent show. Grassroots stars are increasingly prominent commercial value, gradually toward the mainstream star approaching. The popularity of the talent show who, its commercial value is generally recognized. Aunt Susan's new album, "I Dreamed ADream," sold 410,000 copies a week, breaking records in British record sales. Chinese talent show from the start of the show so far this year is just the second quarter, a huge popularity once the fame for the players in this stage, like last year's duck neck couple, small Zhou Libo Zhang Fengxi, and this year's Caulis sweet mother and dance master Zhuojun . It now appears that last year's champion Liu Wei, runner-up Zhang Fengxi, who most commercial attention and recognition. Liu Wei held a series of business tour in succession after last year's competition. It is revealed that his solo album and starring TV series will also be launched one after another. The "Little Zhou Libo" Zhang Fengxi this year won the Green Kingdom of children's clothing kingdom box advertising contracts, become China's first talent show to get the grassroots advertising contract. Why Zhang Fengxi to interpret the green box for the first time under the brand advertising, which Green Box founder Wu Fangfang, said: "Zhang Fengxi has a very cute and innocent side, and she is what she is doing, what is needed Like this style of children have a rare sober awareness, we also hope that through this commercial, so that we can see different Zhang Fengxi, amazing shape is also very consistent with the status of the Kingdom of the green box children's clothing. "The Zhang Fengxi Dedication is a green box is committed to creating the top Chinese children's clothing brand, but also committed to creating first-class children's clothing online shopping platform, after just three years of development, Green Box has become a set design, development, production and sales in One of the children's clothing company. At present, always adhere to the original design of the green box, which owns the Miss Miss Mode Modern, MIL Boy love manufacturing, Jenny Bear Jenny Bell three brands.

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