Still remember that a "Man Luka"

That year, I just went to college, for me, everything is so novel, especially looking at the campus of those glamorous, dressed in beauty, and then look back at their own dress, it is too outdated In fact, their own clothes are not so bad, but a comparison, the gap came out, my heart sigh: the Mainland, it is better than the coastal areas.

At the time of admission, it was autumn, colorful times and fashion trends. At that time, the girls in the school seemed to be in secret contest. One by one, one by one. In the face of this situation, I always indifferent Live, no, I can not be too out, you know, I also have so little on their own self-confidence, will not lose to them.

Since the decision has been made, it must be put into action. I have always been an activist and I will never be foolhardy. So I decided to go to the streets one weekend and then I did not think about the level of consumption of the city , I thought no matter how expensive it will not be expensive to go there, even if it is more expensive is acceptable, after all, here is different from the Mainland, and sometimes need to do so, I find an excuse for himself.


To the commercial street, I looked at the streets of the women's brand , my heart is very excited, indeed, those clothes are so good-looking, wear on the body will have a very good effect, so I boldly into a decoration quite For high-end stores, began to seriously appreciate each piece of clothing, but also fancy several, but asked the price, your scary, seven or eight hundred, more than a thousand, you know, when their own monthly living expenses but Thousands of pieces, if you buy it for a month without having to eat, I decided to look again, when he was still very sensible.

Out of the shop, I went to see several, not too expensive is not good-looking, I do not like, but I did not so easy to give up and went to see some, finally looked at one, decoration was not bad, and Clothes are not bad. I went in to see, really suited to their tastes, and the design is not bad, I feel very stylish, the most concerned about the price, a look is not expensive, about 300 yuan, but also acceptable, a look at the brand , What seems to be " Man Luka , Marloca", had not heard of this brand, do not know how. Then in the heart of a bit, three hundred, up to the next point of saving is, I was thinking so, so seemingly very readily took out the money bought, in fact, my heart is still a little sad, but this is only temporary, Very soon intoxicated in the wonderful fantasy to go.


By Monday, when I put on the newly purchased clothes, I felt quite different and had a lot of confidence in myself. However, after a while, the feeling was no longer so strong, but I found myself A little funny, nice, really different, but it is really uncomfortable to live tight, I think a lot of people have this experience! Until now, I really found myself very naive at the time, but in turn I thought, I felt very cute, about that girl would do such an age. In addition to that thing, there is the brand that has been remembered, "Man Luka", have time to always go to Man Luka store to see, see like it will not hesitate to buy it. Moreover, this time, always think of myself that year, always secretly smile in my heart.

It has not only passed, but some things have impressed us, though it now seems funny and childish. Just as I bought that dress that year, it still remains treasured , Occasionally turned out to see, you will think of that Sentimental that year, as well as college that good time, that a group of fun partners. Ugh! Time 荏 苒, I do not know, you will recall?

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